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Soenke Lorenzen

Lawyer, Journalist, Photographer – Soenke Lorenzen loves the new. Now he travels by motorcycle through South America in search for the special subject. Adventures are welcome

Soenke Lorenzen is a descendant from a family of attorneys and doctors. Following this tradition, he studied law and worked as a lawyer, but his passion for photography that always accompanied his life, finally was stronger than traditional career paths. Lorenzen, born 1962, quitted his job, and restarted as a photographer and journalist. Being born in Hamburg, one of the biggest ports in Europe and as an active sailor the marine world and the sea were the images that fascinated him. In these years he travelled to numerous countries and oceans to stage numberless yachts. His pictures are published in the leading European water sports magazines.

In 2007 he started the photo series “Dockside/Light of the Harbor” that is distinctive for his future work and put him in the focus of the public. In 2013 he presented 50 large-sized pictures in an open-air-exhibition “Light of the Harbor” in the HafenCity in Hamburg to a wide audience. Thanks to a sustained large media echo in television, daily press and magazines as well as the uninterrupted public interest, three more exhibitions followed. „Light of the Harbor 4.0“ is in preparation.

In 2013 Lorenzen established his own gallery in the HafenCity, which attracted numerous visitors from Germany and abroad. In 2017 he closed the gallery to travel and spend his undivided concentration on his creative work. His representative large-format work adorn the walls of art lovers around the world.

You can view his Dockside/Light of the Harbor-pictures at

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